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Hughes Marketing Solutions Announces New Client, Nature of the Beast MMA Apparel

Hughes Marketing Solutions, a Texas based Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, and Sponsorship firm is excited to announce the signing of their new client, Nature of the Beast, a new, edgy design company specializing in Mixed Martial Arts apparel. Hughes Marketing Solutions has been retained to increase the online visibility of Nature of the Beast, marketing their daring and outspoken brand on a local and national level.

“Our partnership with Nature of the Beast will allow us to dive into the exciting world of mixed martial arts and use that energy to invigorate the NOTB brand and make them a national presence,” says Jessica Hughes, President of Hughes Marketing Solutions. “Their designs are edgy, hip and trendy with a working class appeal. Nature of the Beast understands the meaning of staying true to you and we want to promote their brand to a wide range audience that includes MMA fighters, fans and working class people who appreciate the NOTB philosophy. We are looking forward to significantly increasing awareness of their brand and expanding their online presence through various social media outlets. We plan to market Nature of the Beast nationally through an aggressive marketing campaign that will utilize print media as well as online media channels.”

Chris DiPasquale, of Nature of the Beast is keyed up to collaborate with Hughes Marketing Solutions on their media campaign. “Hughes Marketing Solutions is completely in line with the philosophy of Nature of the Beast and what we are trying to promote. We believe in succeeding on our own terms and not setting limits and we want to communicate this message through our brand. It is a positive message that we want all people to relate to and adopt. We are very confident in the ability of Hughes Marketing Solutions to promote our brand, spread our message and engage our target audience.”

About Nature Of The Beast Nature of the Beast is a fresh new cutting edge design company specializing in Mixed Martial Arts Apparel. The company prides itself on appealing to the working class and spreading the message of succeeding on your own terms and not setting limits on who you are and what you can do with your life. Started by two “regular guys,” the design company is well established in the MMA community and is expanding its brand to a wider audience.

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