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Jessica Hughes, President of Hughes Marketing Solutions, has been named an Ambassador for PromoRepublic, the trusted social media marketing platform for everyday use that helps small business owners gain more customers from social networks.

As an Ambassador with PromoRepublic I will be able to provide social media education to small businesses that will keep them on the leading edge of social media best practices. With this partnership, Hughes Marketing Solutions will bring tested, professional social media tools to small businesses, which will allow them to reach their goals in a more cost-effective and efficient manner," said Jessica Hughes. “It is extremely exciting to be able to offer the most up-to-date marketing information to our customers and allow them to create high-quality content for their social networks.

Hughes Marketing Solutions specializes in marketing services for small to mid-sized businesses. We are committed to working closely with all of our clients to help maximize their marketing investment to yield the best possible results-marketing your business as if it was their own. Our experience coupled with continuous education helps us to translate your everyday business needs into an effective marketing strategy and tell your story and reach your audience, enabling your business to stand out from the competition and successfully compete.

About Hughes Marketing Solutions

Hughes Marketing Solutions, is a boutique marketing firm based in Dallas, Texas. Established to help businesses realize their full potential through creative and innovative approaches to marketing, the company specializes in providing companies with comprehensive, industry-specific marketing solutions. HMS offers a broad selection of services to meet any business or organizations requirements effectively including: event and tradeshow management, social media management, advertising, media relations, and branding that generates results. Hughes Marketing Solutions has a commitment to excellence and utilizes guiding principles to effectively capture their clients’ target markets and to promote their brands locally as well as nationally.


PromoRepublic is a social media marketing platform for everyday use that helps small business owners gain more customers from social networks. Go to: for more information.

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