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- Fee Structure -

The old agency model keeps prices hidden. Some think it adds prestige to hide fees, but for us it's pretty straight forward. We offer a variety of fee structures to match your budget. Each opportunity is estimated and itemized in a detailed proposal so that client can determine what and how much their budget will support. We want every interaction to be a rewarding experience for both the clients and ourselves. Our goal is to build long lasting business relationships. 


We Keep It Simple: We believe in being transparent and fair pricing, so you know where you stand from the start.  We understand the pressures to deliver on a budget, so we will always work with you to find the best solution.  If we can do it for less - we will always charge you less.


Typically a one-off, one-time client activity.  Some companies choose to use this model as a starting point when working with us.

A set fee for the work completed. An example would be the creation of a logo, a tradeshow event, a product launch, or the completion of a social media package.Hughes Marketing Solutions estimates the hours required, for the project and sets the price accordingly. The client pays the set project price whether it takes more or less hours to complete.

Retainer pricing is our lowest hourly rate.  Clients receive this by committing to a minimum 3 months of services. Based upon a joint plan and assessment of services by Hughes Marketing Solutions and the client, we set up a monthly dollar amount that the client pays and we bill hours against these dollars. Depending on the services and activities to be performed, some months may be less and roll over or up to a larger month such as to support a large event.

Please feel free to contact us for an estimate for any projects you have – big or small

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