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Hughes Event Solutions can create a successful event sponsorship prospectus that provides hard numbers to demonstrate ROI when selling to sponsors.  We can work with you to create successful event sponsorship packages that build truly symbiotic, long-lasting partnerships, while increasing your sponsorship revenue.


Hughes Event Solutions offers a variety of options for organizations to get involved in all of our events.  From the smallest business to the largest organization, we would love to find a way to assist the growth of your company.  Opportunities include advertising and marketing through sponsoring an individual event or performance, stage sponsorship, title sponsorship, booth sponsorship, and more.  Let us work with you to customize a package to best accomplish your goals. Sponsorships play an important role in events. They provide nonprofits with donations and can increase the value of corporate and professional events — without raising the price of admission.

Exhibit as a vendor: Reach a diverse audience.

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