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Xyience products include beverages and supplements. The official energy drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®), Xenergy is the fastest growing brand in its category. The Xyience brand reaches upwards of 9 million viewers through the UFC’s Pay-Per-View broadcasts. The first energy drink created by a nutrition company, Xenergy is a sugar-free, zero-calorie beverage that is made with all-natural flavors and colors. Xenergy Energy beverages are available in:

• Blu Pomegranate

• Cherry Lime

• Tangerine Twister

• Melon Mayhem

• Frostberry Blast

• Cran Razz

• Fruit Punch

• Mango Gu

The Xenergy Energy family also includes: Xenergy + Lemonade Pineapple and Raspberry and Xenergy + Tea Honey Ginseng and Raspberry Acai. Xenergy Energy + Hydration Grape and Tropical Punch are non-caffeinated beverages fortified with electrolytes and a blend of B vitamins.

“The Xyience sampling initiative has been a huge success for us. It has directly contributed to gains

in shelf and display presence ultimately manifesting to a spike in volume.ˮ

-Troy Magnusson/ GM/VP Of Sales of Statewide Beverage Company


A sampling program was implemented during the summer months in 2013 to increase brand awareness, create distribution, and increase sales. The “Power to Win” sampling program spanned across 7 markets in the United States and 3 territories in Canada.




To get the can in the hand of the consumer and increase brand exposure by using in-store event samplings and guerilla marketing tactics. This created an experience and led to sponsorships and

booth space at key health and lifestyle events that were directly correlated to our target market.

Brand Ambassadors were trained to ensure the brand image and message reached the target consumer. All Brand ambassadors were required to take digital photography of promotional activity to

document the program and create interaction with the consumers. An instagram account, @Xyiencegirls, was created to enhance this type of interaction and experience.

A post-event recap and evaluation form after each event was uploaded to an online portal called


Event Recaps:


We received recap forms from every brand ambassador for every event in every market. These were analyzed on a weekly basis and data was able to be collected.


• Southern California

• Denver

• Phoenix

• Ohio

• Tulsa/Oklahoma City

• St. Paul/ St. Cloud

• Canada




• Honolulu

“Having the Xyience sampling team has greatly helped the sales force secure specials, gain distribution, and educate the retailer and consumers. The brand ambassadors bring brand awareness to the market allowing a great opportunity for growth. Because of the team, some of our top retail chains were so receptive

to the program it allowed us to gain additional distribution in these challenging, high-profile



– Mallory Bunic (Hensley Marketing Representative)


Created New Brand Awareness

Introduced the new line at C-Store sampling, Gyms, health and lifestlyle events and educated consumers on Xyience and the brand.


Maintained Imaging

Remained present where Xyience is already established such as at top retailers, supporting the active lifestyle influencers.


Increase Distribution

Focused on colleges, gyms, C-stores, events, festivals, athletic events and tradeshows that don’t currently carry Xyience. Created awareness by offering samples, promotional items, promotions, specials and point of sale.


Overall increased sales

Utilized the Sampling Program to secure specials, capture new costumers, and reinforce brand with loyal customers thus leading to an increase in sales in markets sampled.


21% overall growth in sampled markets, 9% overall growth in non-sampled markets


Booth Space at No Cost

Approximately $19,691.25 worth of booth space was secured at no cost.


35 of the free events promoted active and fitness lifestyles directly reaching a large number of our target market. We sampled to approximately 20,084 participants at these events not including the

spectators that were also present and sampled to.

People Sampled

Each market averaged roughly 50 events a month


An estimate of 32,000 people sampled in each market per month


Sampled in 8 regions, 2 countries, and 3 provinces in Canada markets, totaling about 288,000 people sampled per month


Coupon Redemption

Phoenix: Coupon linked to QT

1,015 coupon redemptions out of 5,000. A 20% redemption rate.


St. Paul: Holiday Convenience Stores

50,000 were printed, 8,588 were redeemed, over 2 months. A 5.8% redemption rate.

“In the past months we have had incredible results from the program. We have used this opportunity to help launch the new SKU’s and educate consumers at the point of purchase. Our retailers have been thrilled with the support which has resulted in additional space and product placements on the shelf and on the floor....we have deemed the Xyience Sampling program an enormous success.”


- Josh Hillegass (New Age Beverage Distributing

Based on the success of the program, Xyience increased the number of markets in 2014. This year the following markets were added to the program:

• Des Moines, IA

• Las Vegas, NV

• Corpus Christi, TX

• El Paso, TX

• Austin, TX

• Philadelphia, PA

• Harrisburg, PA

• Allentown, PA

• Omaha & Lincoln, NE

• Washington D.C.

• Baltimore, MD

We accomplished getting

the can in the hand of the consumer

HMS Case Study: Xyience Consumer Activation Sampling Program
HMS Case Study: Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter College Scholarship Essay Contest

Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter College

Scholarship Essay Contest


Benson, Bertoldo, Baker and Carter is a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas, NV. They offer both experience and knowledge on the following sections of the law: Personal Injury and Premise Liability

Project Overview

Benson, Bertoldo, Baker and Carter is highly reputable in the Las Vegas community, partly due to their community involvement and willingness to give back. With this focus in mind, we decided to create a concept centered around high school graduates and a $5,000 scholarship for a local Las Vegas student.


A contest was implemented for high school seniors in Las Vegas and the winner would receive a $5,000 scholarship to the school of their choice. The premise of the contest was an essay contest where students could submit their essays on the chosen topic of law. The best essay would be the winner of the $5,000.


  • Continuing the firm’s mission of giving back to community by offering a $5,000 college scholarship

  • Reach high school seniors in Las Vegas and inform them of our contest

  • Target students particularly interested in pursuing a degree in law

  • Create PR surrounding the contest

  • Increase brand exposure for Benson, Bertoldo Baker & Carter by associating the firm with the essay contest and the $5,000 scholarship

  • Advertise the contest on Facebook and increase amount of Facebook "likes"


Formal submission of the essays by mail-ins proved to not be as successful as we hoped. We had to come up with a more current method to reach students and get them involved in the essay contest process.


There was also the question of the voting process. The firm could easily vote amongst themselves, but they wanted to create a much more organic and interactive approach for voting on the essays.


To meet all these needs, we used the Facebook contest app. The app allowed us to create a landing page that advertised our essay contest. Students then had to first “like” our page before they were able to access the portal and submit their essays. Once the essay was submitted, it would be posted to the “Entries” page where people could view the entries and vote on their favorite.


The contest ended with 13 essays and 1,634 votes via the Facebook page. The Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter Facebook page also gained 314 new followers during the contest period. The winner of the contest was a senior from a local Las Vegas high school who already had an acceptance to Brigham Young University.

He received $5,000 in scholarship to go towards his tuition, books, and rooming at BYU that fall.


The winner was also invited to the firm to receive a certificate and speak personally with the partners to gain some insight on the practice of law. There at the firm, he was also filmed for a short segment on a local news station.


The College Scholarship Essay Contest has now become an annual occurrence where Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter awards $5,000 in scholarship to a lucky high-school senior once a year.

Essay Contest Analytics

Clicked shared links:                         3066

Visited View entries:                          1035

Visited Submit an entry:                       123

Visited About this contest:                  825

Viewed Official Rules:                         126

Clicked on an entry:                         3484

Entries:                                                 13

Votes:                                               1634

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